This month is World Environment month and Youth Day so it is a time for us (young and old) to consider what we can do towards saving the environment. How does Youth Day tie in with World Environment month? Easy, when all is said and done it is up to the youth to continue the steps towards saving the environment; after all, the youth are our future. Through educating the youth about sustainable living and energy efficiency, we will start seeing the difference.

We all know how important it is to recycle, use water more sparingly and not waste electricity but have you thought that sustainability and energy efficiency can be taken further through the structure of the home? The youth need to be taught that through housing, we can make a positive change in the environment. There are many ways in which a home can be built taking the environment into consideration – to name but a few: through the building materials used, using solar powered energy and through the type of windows and doors installed.

How can the windows and doors of a home make a difference towards the environment?

By installing energy efficient uPVC windows and doors in a home, the environmental impact will be minimised:

  • The materials used to make energy efficient uPVC windows and doors are 100% recyclable.
  • Product lifecycle tests prove that energy efficient uPVC windows have less impact on the environment than aluminium and wooden alternatives.
  • The manufacturing of uPVC uses just one seventh of the energy required to make aluminium.

At Teva Windows we believe in sustainable living which can easily be achieved through educating the youth about the benefits of a green economy. This can be done through various sectors of industry and with young minds spring new ideas; who knows what green concept the youth of today can come up with that will benefit the world as a whole.

By installing our energy efficient uPVC windows and doors to homes and businesses, a small change will be made towards a better environment for all.

Energy efficient uPVC windows and doors from Teva Windows are a lifestyle choice.