“What is the use of a house if we don’t have a planet to put it on” (Henry David Thoreau) – these are very poignant words which we need to start taking seriously. Fact: buildings consume 40% of the world’s end-use energy consumption, generate 40% of its solid waste and consume 12% of fresh water. As a nation, we need to start looking at sustainable living that will reduce our carbon footprint and this can be done by looking at non-conventional building methods, for example, Energy Efficient uPVC Windows

Buildings going green provide an opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption and waste at a relatively low marginal cost with the ability to reduce energy consumption to less than half of a conventional building. From wind turbines, to solar panels, to high efficiency lighting, ultra-efficient insulation, water conservation, plumbing, recycled materials, energy efficient uPVC windows and doors; and so much more, through an energy efficient home you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through our unique climate we are able to build homes that can blend in effortlessly with the environment thereby using the elements to reduce energy and water consumption, two of the most used resources in our country.

As a company that is conscious of the environment, at Teva we are proud to be part of the green movement and we are doing that through the production and installation of our energy efficient uPVC windows and doors. Our energy efficient windows and doors significantly reduce the amount of energy that is used in the home as they are specifically designed to allow the home to contain heat in winter and keep in the coolness in summer thereby decreasing your monthly electricity usage. After all, the sun is one of the natural resources that we

We are passionate about sustainably designed living spaces – the kind that minimise our impact on the environment and enhances the quality of life inside the home and out.