The biggest “fear factor” that we face when going away on holiday is, naturally, the safety of our homes whilst we are away. With the Easter holidays just around the corner, the safety of your home is something you should be looking at in a serious light. Yes you might have the most upgraded state of the art alarm system, burglar bars over all the windows and doors; but is this enough? Have you ever considered the fact that the structure of your home can contribute towards your safety and security? Well it can, specifically your windows and doors.

How? The answer is easy – by installing energy efficient uPVC windows and doors!

What sets energy efficient uPVC windows and doors apart is the real intruder resistant glass, integrated security locking hardware and lockable handles which provide extra protection for your home. A double bonus is the fact that the locking systems and hinges are incorporated inside the windows and doors, meaning that the security of the windows and doors are not visible to the naked eye. Various safety and security tests have been conducted on energy efficient uPVC windows and it has been proven that these energy efficient uPVC windows and doors are considered to be the strongest on the market.

The tests conducted on our energy efficient uPVC windows and doors have earned us the SABS stamp of approval. You can therefore rest assured that the energy efficient uPVC doors and windows that you are having installed in your home through Teva are of superior standard!

As well as enhancing the safety and security of your home, Teva provides you with the peace of mind that your choice of energy efficient uPVC windows and doors are helping towards the environment.

Teva, a greener lifestyle approach.