Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg (DSJ) is the third Gauteng school to choose Teva for their renovations.

Monthly running costs are a real concern for schools because a finite annual budget needs to make provision for numerous staff, facilities and educational materials. It made sense to invest in long lasting, low maintenance, high insulation windows that improve energy efficiency at the school. DSJ were aware that uPVC is the standard window framing material in Europe for exactly these reasons.

Unfortunately, a previous service provider closed their business in the early stages of work on the school.

DSJ needed a trustworthy supplier of uPVC windows and doors who could bring the project back on track.

Teva came highly recommended. Their long track record, including projects at the German School in Pretoria and at the French Lycee Jules Verne persuaded the DSJ team that Teva could meet their high standards of excellence, within the parameters unique to school renovation.

It was imperative that learning was not disturbed by the work. Every old window that was broken out needed to be replaced by its new counterpart before the next school day.

Teva set up a dedicated installation team that worked from 2 to 10 pm and put in a few weekends and public holidays to make the most of after school hours.

When learners took their breaks for the July and December holidays, the Teva team gave an extra push. The learners returned in the New Year to find their school lighter, brighter and looking brand spanking new.