This stately, modern villa is a home away from home for international dignitaries and executives. It features plenty of space for entertaining and breathtaking views across the Waterkloof valley.

The bold, exterior lines give a sense of dignity to the home. The design draws from respected architectural traditions. For example, Grecian pillars and Asian fly eaves meet the luxury of an Italian villa.  Modern materials such as concrete wall finishes and Teva’s uPVC windows and doors were used to give the home a contemporary feel.

The interior is opulent, framed by marble floors and high ceilings. Dark, neutral furnishings balance light, airy spaces.

The developer was concerned about keeping a comfortable temperature in the home. Firstly, the interior spaces are very large. Secondly, the home is located on higher ground where it is more exposed to wind and sun. Teva Windows offered the perfect solution in the form of high-insulation windows and doors that let in the gorgeous view. Crisp white frames perfectly complement the elegant sophistication of this modern mansion.