Adventurers and professionals migrate to the City of Gold to take advantage of the career opportunities available. The wealth and experiences they find can be somewhat soured by the pressures of high density living. People are often forced into tiny apartments in high rises with little personality or privacy.

Private residential developers in South African have met this challenge with pioneering spirit. Teams of architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and financiers have established villages, complexes and apartments where security and convenience meet community lifestyle.

Development teams keep up to date with innovative new technologies and fluctuating prices. New owners can simply walk into thoughtfully designed homes with high quality finishes that give them ease and comfort in their day to day lives. For the extra personal touch, homeowners can make some choices when selecting from plan.

Luxury apartments like 22 on North offer the best of all worlds: central location, safety, quality finishes and the personal touch. The developers chose Teva uPVC windows for their high quality, durability and security features.

Homeowners have been pleased that Teva windows and doors offer premium insulation, even with single glazing, which reduces the electricity consumption associated with heating and cooling. Community living is improved by the sound-dampening effect. A sense of calm and privacy is achieved inside each apartment.

Owners were given a choice as to whether they wanted to take the insulation and sound proofing inherent in the product to the next level by choosing the double-glazing option. Teva then installed the windows across the 60 apartments, according to each owner’s selection.

Luxury lifestyle developments can offer even more than security and convenience. They can offer a better way of life.