Planning to renovate? We’ve all heard about the stresses involved, especially if you’re living in the house during construction. You want to be sure it’s worth the cost and effort. The right renovation creates a space that supports your daily activities, your happiness and productivity. It can also raise the value of the property. Even if you’re unlikely to sell for decades, it is worth thinking about resale value when you renovate. If you keep in mind some common buyer preferences, you won’t have to renovate again.   Start with a fresh lick of paint A fresh coat of paint can give your house an instant facelift. Use neutral colours throughout and add personality with soft furnishings like cushions and curtains or take a bolder step by adding a statement wall. Lighten up Update your light fittings, hang mirrors or add larger windows and sliding doors. This will make your space feel bigger and more inviting. To bring in maximum light, while keeping your home insulated, use energy efficient products like Teva’s uPVC windows and doors. uPVC is also long lasting and low maintenance so it’s a great long-term investment. Focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms These are the most used common areas in the house and they’re often fairly simple to fix. Change up the fittings and lighting. Go further by updating floors and counters. Aim for light, bright and user friendly. Open up Focus on creating a sense of space and seamless flow between areas.  Check in with a professional to ensure you keep the structural integrity of your home when knocking down walls.  Set the scene Your garden or balcony is the first area that you and your guests see on arrival and is the view from your large, elegant windows. Neat gardens with potted trees, shrubs and flowers are easy to maintain. This makes your life easier and attracts potential buyers. Indigenous plants will save you a fortune on unnecessary water use. Go Green Convenient energy and water saving systems are increasingly popular.  Rain and grey water systems, boreholes, and solar panels all add value to your property. Truly sustainable products are energy efficient from manufacture to installation and are recyclable, like Teva’s uPVC windows and doors.   Bring on the entertainment area South Africans want to make the most of our fabulous weather with well-designed outdoor spaces. Add a covered patio with built in braai or even a pizza oven to draw established couples and families. Don’t be too old school It’s great to maintain the old-world charm of your home. But nobody wants mouldy bathrooms, cracked work surfaces or rusted window frames. Opt for modern, elegant finishes to complement your classically styled home. Upgrade security Unfortunately, security remains a primary concern for most buyers. Upgrade fencing and consider installing a security system. Ensure that windows and sliding doors cannot be easily lifted out of their frames. Teva Windows products provide an extra barrier against intrusion. Add a revenue stream Buying a home is a long-term investment. Many savvy property owners are ensuring that they can continue to meet their long term financial commitments, by having a portion of the property ready for future rental. Converting your granny flat or staff accommodation into modern, practical units gives your property a serious edge in a competitive market.   And to avoid stress? Hire a reputable contractor and make your priorities clear. They need to know if energy efficiency, low maintenance and long-term cost effectiveness are more important to you than short term, short lived savings. Instruct them to use sub-contractors who have not less than 5 years proven experience in installation. Pack up anything you don’t want covered in dust and book yourself into a nearby B&B. Enjoy!