The industrial sector is a major driver of the world economy and many a mogul has made his fortune off of manufactured goods. The glamour of old-world industrialists exists side by side with the inspirational quality of modern innovators. However, factories remain largely uninspired and far from glamorous.

The heart of creation is purely functional and very loud. Employees in offices overlooking the factory floor may struggle to hear and be heard by colleagues. High level clients enjoy factory visits but these are quickly followed by a meeting somewhere more comfortable and quiet.

Some companies solve these difficulties by using offices on a different site to the factory. This can be costly and may reduce efficient communication between departments. This option often doesn’t work for manufacture-based companies.

The alternative is sound-proofing. Keech Furnace Technologies (KFT) chose Teva Windows to separate their offices from the factory floor. The uPVC frames do not conduct energy or sound. This means that managers can keep an eye on production through the windows, while office employees are protected from the noise and heat of the factory floor.

Teva provided external windows as well, increasing the energy efficiency of the factory as a whole. The results prove that Teva’s energy efficient products are an equally good investment for a business in the industrial sector and for quality of life in an attractive home.

Keech’s choice is an example of the kind of innovative thinking that will ensure the industrial sector remains relevant and prosperous.