Climate change is in the news daily across the globe. People are starting to consider the environmental impact of their new homes more seriously. Sustainable options like solar geysers, grey water systems and double glazing are more and more popular. The government has come on board with legislation and construction companies are making sustainability a priority. Given the price of electricity, this will be as good for a homeowner’s pocket as it is for the planet. Basically, energy compliance legislation requires you to use specific energy efficient windows, depending on the ratio of floor area to window area (including external glass doors) in your home. This can have design and cost implications. Architects often have to go back to the drawing board numerous times. This can be time consuming and frustrating. Programmes like Archicad allow architects to create a visual design, bring together the engineering aspects of the numerous elements within a building project and then to communicate these to their clients using 3D technology. In 2017 Teva worked with Bim Bakery to launch software plugins for Archicad with a library of window options. With Teva’s tool, architects can create sustainable, compliant designs and give their clients the best product advice within the shortest possible time. If your architect isn’t using this software yet, recommend it. They’ll thank you. Contact Teva on for the activation code.