Homemakers Expo is South Africa’s premier home lifestyle consumer show. It is a perfect platform to showcase the very latest in home related trends, ideas and designs; and with more than 120 000 visitors to the expo annually, it gives new and existing businesses in this sector a chance to display their products and create brand awareness. One of the most important elements of this show is sustainable living through the use of natural resources as well as using products that will leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment.

Teva Windows recently took part in the Homemakers Expo in Johannesburg to bring to light the sustainability and long term cost effectiveness of installing uPVC windows in the home. Through the Homemakers Expo, we were able to create more of an awareness of uPVC windows and the advantages of having them installed in the home as opposed to your standard windows. We are proud to say that we take a “greener” view on windows and that was brought to light at the Expo. What we needed to do is let the average consumer see the advantages of uPVC windows through the possible environmental impact these windows might have. We made consumers aware of the fact that uPVC windows, from a sustainability point of view, are a better choice due to the fact that they are recyclable, they have less impact on the environment than aluminium and wooden alternatives; and manufacturing of uPVC uses one seventh of the energy needed to make aluminium.

Besides all the environmental and technical aspects of uPVC windows, the expo also gave us a chance to showcase our new range of colours which will appeal to a wider consumer market.

All in all, the Homemakers Expo in Johannesburg was a success for Teva Windows. We were given the right platform to advertise uPVC windows and create brand awareness at the same time.