Sustainable living has not always been a consideration in South Africa. However with the ever increasing depletion on our natural resources as well as the electricity hikes, sustainability has recently become a necessity to the average consumer. One way to secure a sustainable lifestyle is through changing your view on windows.

Windows are a critical component in sustainable building design. Most energy flows in and out of a building through its windows, but with intelligent design and technological innovation they can be used to provide heating, cooling and lighting for a better indoor environment; and this can easily be achieved with the installation of uPVC windows. uPVC windows will eliminate the need for the excessive use of heaters during winter and will keep your home cool in the summer time, thereby reducing the impact on our environment and taking a step towards sustainable living.

Below are reasons why you need to consider installing uPVC windows for the sake of your environment and pocket!

  • uPVC windows are the most energy efficient windows available – they insulate better than any other window options and double as well as aluminium.
  • uPVC windows require little to no maintenance creating a healthier, cleaner environment by only requiring a mild detergent and water for cleaning.
  • uPVC is made mainly from natural resources – primarily rock salt and some petroleum by-products.
  • uPVC has the lowest production energy, raw material requirements and emissions of any window and door manufacturing process using only 15% of the energy that it requires to make aluminium frames.
  • uPVC is strictly monitored by manufacturing standards to continually eliminate the negative effects of vinyl production on the environment.

Window technology has undergone a revolution in the last twenty years. Energy efficient windows reduce carbon emissions and help to address global climate change. Used in combination with other green building methods and materials, they are a good choice for a brighter, sustainable future.