With the ever increasing electricity hikes, as consumers we are always looking for alternative ways to cut costs. If you think about it a significant proportion of your income is spent on electricity so finding a solution that can save you, the home owner, up to 25% of your electricity spend would certainly be a win! This is easily achievable with uPVC Windows.

Now here is some news for you – have you considered the fact that your windows could decrease your monthly electricity spend? How can this possibly be done? Easy …. by installing uPVC windows in your home.

In the summer months, due to the heat and especially the heat waves we are experiencing now, the fan or aircon tends to be on 24/7. In the winter months, the evening and mornings are especially cold and we love putting our heaters on to warm up the home. This, of course, lands you with a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month.

So how can the installation of uPVC windows help reduce your electricity costs?

uPVC windows have high insulation properties. Up to 70% of heat is gained or lost through standard windows and even more is lost with heat transfer through metal windows. Double glazing your windows is said to improve thermal resistance by 94%. The air pocket created between the two glass panes provides an insulating barrier keeping the outside heat out and regulating your interior temperature.

By cutting the transfer of heat from the warm inside to the cold side of the window, uPVC windows will significantly reduce loss of heating warmth in cold weather and reduce the energy required to heat interior spaces.

Cooling a home in summer can use up to three times the energy required to heat it in winter. Installing double glazed uPVC window frames can keep you cooler in summer by reducing solar heat gain from outside.

With the benefit of reduced electricity bills and the added bonus of being able to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, choosing uPVC windows seems to be the obvious choice! It’s a simple goal really – keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter!