What we as South Africans need to do is take a different view on sustainable living. With today’s ever increasing living costs, alternative ways are being sort out to supply homes with energy. Solar panels are all well and good but think about how windows and doors can change the energy consumption in a home.

Recipients that need to be considered as a high priority when it comes to sustainable living is low-cost housing. Families staying in low-cost housing developments are not living there by choice, it is out of economic necessity. The sad part is that a significant portion of their income is spent on their monthly electricity bills. Many cannot even afford electrical appliances and the utilities that could enhance their day to day experience in the home.

Together with Motheo Construction, Teva was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a sustainable housing development in Marikana, in the North West Province, by supplying our energy efficient windows. We were able to insulate 200 families from the cold through the installation of our energy efficient windows, thereby reducing the need for excessive use of heaters during winter and keeping the homes cool in summer. This undertaking demonstrated a range of socio-economic, health and environmental benefits which are possible through sustainable design and resource efficiency interventions in low-income houses. We are proud to say that we were able to offer the home owners of this low-cost income housing development a better quality of life.

What we hope to achieve through this housing development, is that people’s quality of life can be improved whilst keeping the country’s development on a low-carbon and more “earth-friendly” path.

After all, affecting change through encouraging a sustainable lifestyle is what we pride ourselves on.