Whether buying, renovating or building, owners have numerous opportunities to increase the value of a property, still considered one of the safest investments. As financial director of a successful South African business, the owner of this luxurious Waterfall Estate property understood the importance of a long term value and short-term flexibility. He opted for classic, elegant lines and neutral colours in the design of his home. Each room is given individual personality through the use of a few carefully placed at soft furnishings or statement items. These can easily be updated as his family’s tastes and requirements change. He paid careful attention to the construction materials and products used in building his home to ensure its longevity. Investing in high durability materials and proper insulation will pay dividends in future. This is why he chose Teva Windows to provide windows and sliding doors. His home is full of light while maintaining optimum insulation. Teva products are made using high quality uPVC, specially formulated for the South African climate. This material is non-conductive, keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer. It requires minimal maintenance and has been proven to remain in good condition for decades. ‘In our constantly-changing economy, with the rising costs of energy, it’s essential to invest in products and companies with a track record that you can trust, especially when it comes to your home’, he advised.