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Energy Efficiency

Teva uPVC windows and doors are the most energy efficient in South Africa. The key to this energy efficiency is in the uValues our uPVC products are able to achieve. Lower uValues (compared to other materials) are made possible through a combination of design, glass type and the framing material used. Click here to read more about this.

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Jim Picken (Homeowner)

“The reason I went for the product was because of the following; good insulation from heat and cold, low maintenance and good sound insulation.”

Teva brings your designs to life

We offer windows and doors in the most popular styles, and we customize to meet your design requirements.  Also, you can have bigger windows while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, due to the insulation provided by our products. We’ve developed software libraries that integrate directly with leading architectural tools, meaning that viable window and door specifications can be used throughout the design process. Click here to find out more.


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