Security through uPVC Windows and Doors

Security is an important consideration for all of our clients, on all of our projects. The glass panels in Teva uPVC windows and doors, owing to their design and the strength of the materials used, are more difficult to separate from their frames when compared to frames made from traditional materials.

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Ian Aitken (Key Projects)

“I have used TEVA on my own house, where they replaced my timber window and door frames with the PVC product and we are very pleased with the product and service we received.”

Why uPVC windows and doors are the smarter choice…

Teva’s uPVC windows simply are the best option for every home. They’re more energy efficient, more soundproof, lower maintenance and more durable than anything else on the market. Thanks to our leading manufacture and installation process, our window systems are more difficult to break into, making your home more secure. They look good, they seal properly and they don’t break, rust or discolour. We offer guarantees to give you total peace of mind. What more could you ask for?

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