Nestled in a prestigious Western Cape estate, this remarkable home boasts energy-efficient design for entertaining.

Modern Elegance and Energy Efficient Comfort

The owners wanted a comfortable family home that reflected their contemporary style, while making the most of captivating views.

To achieve maximum flow between open-plan interiors and spacious outdoor living and entertainment areas, architects strategically placed sliding doors and picture windows. The choice of frame color became a crucial decision. There was a debate between modern charcoal and classic white to enhance the interior and exterior design.

Enter the Teva Onyx uPVC system – expertly crafted by South Africa’s leaders in energy-efficient windows and doors, featuring an anthracite grey on the outside and crisp white on the inside.

Unparalleled Thermal Insulation for Comfort

The large windows and doors allowed an abundance of natural light into the home. The owners were concerned about maintaining warmth in winter and keeping cool during scorching summer temperatures of up to 39°C. They needed solutions that wouldn’t rely heavily on energy-intensive heaters and air conditioners.

Fortunately, the non-conductive Teva Onyx uPVC, was well-prepared to tackle the challenge. The homeowners opted for double glazing for even greater insulation. Teva Onyx effortlessly kept the interior cool and comfortable, providing an oasis of relief on the hottest days.

A Dust-Free Sanctuary with Teva uPVC Windows

The picturesque estate occasionally faces wind-driven dust, but Teva Onyx’s robust construction and 100% tight sealing ensures that the interior remains spotless during raging winds.

Bright and inviting, this cool sanctuary offers a perfect space for rest, relaxation, and entertaining.