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Our double-glazed window and door units offer the best thermal and acoustic properties available in South Africa.

We can accommodate a glazing panel up to 24mm, which means virtually any combination of single or double-glazing can be used without any design change

Multi-chambered thermal break profile
For improved insulation against heat and noise

Dual compression seals
Enhanced tightness against air, water, and sound, plus improved thermal insulation

Glazing rebate
Accommodates the double-glazed unit to achieve additional insulation against heat and noise

Steel reinforcement
Adds strength, rigidity and security

Welded joints
Fusion-welded frames and sashes prevent leaks

Internal mechanisms
All locking systems and hinges are incorporated inside the windows and doors

Proven German Performance

  • Although relatively new to South Africa, uPVC windows are the standard type of window used in Europe
  • The unique compound and smooth gloss finish guarantee a pristine appearance which will suit the character and style of any building
  • Our frames are made by Rehau in Germany. They are the acknowledged global leader in polymer solutions and renowned for their engineering skill and innovative designs

Strength & Durability

  • Our German engineered uPVC frames have been designed to withstand the higher UV radiation we experience in South Africa
  • Unlike other products available our windows won’t warp, rot or require regular painting
  • They are colour-fast and will not fade
  • Life expectancy is 40+ years and all of our products come with a 10 year international guarantee
  • Made with steel reinforcement and internal locking mechanisms our windows are strong and intruder resistant

The Cost Effective Option

  • We offer the most cost effective product options to meet the new SANS 204 regulatory requirements
  • Owners will save money every month on power bills
  • We have a range of products and prices to suit any project
  • The extreme durability of uPVC, combined with its low maintenance, mean that the total cost of the product over its lifetime is significantly less than wood or aluminium/