Knowing more about the use of PVC in uPVC windows

It is important to know and understand the material that is used in the manufacture and installation of energy efficient uPVC windows and doors. PVC is a material that is relatively new to the market when it comes to the manufacture of energy...

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Energy efficient uPVC windows – An unobstructed view

Location, location, location – this is your first priority when building a house. As a homeowner you spend a lot of money to have you dream home which means that you want to have the most unobstructed view possible. And that view can be...

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Energy Efficient uPVC Windows – Changing your view

“What is the use of a house if we don’t have a planet to put it on” (Henry David Thoreau) – these are very poignant words which we need to start taking seriously. Fact: buildings consume 40% of the world’s end-use energy consumption, generate...

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