Silly Season Security with Teva Windows

The silly season seems to start a little earlier every year. End of year parties, farewells and school concerts compete with spring sales, night markets and all day braais. It’s silly season for crime too. You may be concerned about the safety and security of your...

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Privacy and Personality – Making Apartments Work for You

Adventurers and professionals migrate to the City of Gold to take advantage of the career opportunities available. The wealth and experiences they find can be somewhat soured by the pressures of high density living. People are often forced into tiny apartments in high...

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Affordable Green Innovation

More and more green technologies have come to the fore to reduce consumption and increase sustainability, particularly in construction. Newer materials and technologies rely on savvy clients to help them prove their incredible benefits. One young couple challenged...

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Home Design 101 – Timeless Textures

The CEO of an international company specialising in new technologies applied his research skills to great effect in the design of his home in the luxurious Waterfall Estate. He combined wood, stone, linens and wallpapers to create a sensual feast of textures. Ample...

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Soundproof Support for Industrial Efficiency

The industrial sector is a major driver of the world economy and many a mogul has made his fortune off of manufactured goods. The glamour of old-world industrialists exists side by side with the inspirational quality of modern innovators. However, factories remain...

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Soundproof for Success – Aviator Hotel

2010 was a bumper year for tourism in South Africa. The brand new Aviator hotel looked set to open with a bang. It was fully booked out for the FIFA Soccer World Cup season. Set just 3km from the OR Tambo International Airport, the 3-star hotel offered premium...

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